July 26, 2022 A Lawyer's Guide to Collecting Fees from Nonpaying Clients
Law360 / Written by: Joshua Wurtzel
From solo practitioners to international law firms, all lawyers confront—perhaps more than any… Read More
July 5, 2022 It's Time to Change Antiquated Sentencing Guidelines
New York Law Journal / Written by: James M. Roberts, Angela Li
Even though the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines are advisory, they continue to play a significant role in… Read More
June 1, 2022 Expert Q&A on Class Action Settlements and Developments in Class Action Practice: A Plaintiff-Side Perspective
Thomson Reuters Practical Law / Written by: David J. Goldsmith
An Expert Q&A with David J. Goldsmith of Schlam Stone & Dolan LLP, discussing important cons… Read More
May 17, 2022 2nd Circ. Reasoning in COVID Force Majeure Case Is Flawed
Law360 / Written by: Joshua Wurtzel
The Second Circuit recently held that the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Cuomo’s 2020 shutdown… Read More
December 27, 2021 Emotional Healing During Criminal Sentencing Hearing
New York Law Journal / Written by: Joshua Wurtzel, Angela Li, Eric Kreuter, Maranda Demaj
Schlam Stone & Dolan's Joshua Wurtzel and Angela Li co-authored an article, "Emotional Healing D… Read More
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