December 27, 2021

New York Law Journal / Written by: Joshua Wurtzel, Angela Li, Eric Kreuter, Maranda Demaj

Schlam Stone & Dolan's Joshua Wurtzel and Angela Li co-authored an article, "Emotional Healing During Criminal Sentencing Hearing," with Eric Kreuter, partner in the advisory services group of Marks Paneth, and Maranda Demaj, supervisor at Marks Paneth. The article was published in The New York Law Journal on December 27, 2021.  

How should the sentence be impacted, if at all, where a victim does not want the defendant to be unduly punished and/or prosecuted, but is obviously powerless to stop the government, and subsequently the judge, from imposing a just result? Should the victim’s goals or desires be more than just one small piece of the equation in sentencing?  

Coverage of the case can be found here: