October 21, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for New York’s state and federal courts. The conduct of trials, in particular, presented significant challenges in terms of how to safely and effectively allow parties to have their day “in court,” leading to what will likely be lasting changes in how trials are handled in New York courts.

Schlam Stone & Dolan partner Jolene F. LaVigne-Albert and Counsel Seth D. Allen sat down for a discussion of their experience conducting trials remotely and in-person since March 2020. In this six-part series, they discuss the unique challenges and opportunities presented by trials in the COVID-19 era, tips on effective strategies for conducting and avoiding pitfalls in remote trials, and other unique issues presented by conducting trials during the pandemic, whether remotely or in-person.

In the fourth part of this six-part series, Jolene and Seth share tips for avoiding pitfalls in remote trials; as effective as remote trials can be, things can quickly fall apart with a weird camera angle or a witness who is not taking the trial seriously. 

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