November 13, 2014

Various news articles about the financial collapse of a Broadway musical production began to appear in October 2012.

The collapse of the musical Rebecca, previously presumed to have been caused by death of a mystery investor, has been making national and international news after Schlam Stone & Dolan Of Counsel Ronald Russo, representing the lead producer, determined that the dead investor never existed in the first place. Mr. Russo discovered Mark C. Hotton of Long Island had put the "deceased" investor, as well as three other fictitious financiers, in contact with the show's lead producer. A federal investigation of the scheme is underway. Members of the Firm representing the producers wrote and filed a civil complaint seeking recovery and compensation from Mr. Hotton and others.

A sampling of press accounts that has appeared as the misfeasance investigation by Ronald G. Russo, of counsel to Schlam Stone & Dolan, proceeds

Coverage of the case can be found here: