November 12, 2014

Schlam Stone & Dolan Partner Michael Battle (former United States Attorney and Buffalo-area trial judge) has been appointed by the City of Buffalo and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to preside over a hearing in which the City is seeking to remove a high-level Commissioner. The Mayor wants to remove his Commissioner of Human Resources for allegedly costing the City close to a million dollars in insurance premiums for dead people that were inadvertently listed on the City's rolls. Mr. Battle – assisted by Schlam Stone & Dolan Associate David G. Abrams – was asked by the Mayor to act as the Hearing Officer, and to present the City with a complete factual report and recommendation of penalty. This unusual, highly-publicized hearing lasted eight separate days, and was a regular fixture on the Buffalo evening news. The following articles (which will open in a new window) highlight a portion of this coverage.

Coverage of the case can be found here: