NYLJ Eastern District Roundup

Posted: April 9, 2021 / Written by: Harvey M. Stone, Richard H. Dolan / Category NYLJ Eastern District Roundup

Negative Yelp Review, Securities Fraud Claims, Fee Disgorgement

This column reports on several significant representative decisions handed down recently in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Judge Brian M. Cogan found that defendant’s hostile remarks on Yelp about plaintiffs’ medical practice did not amount to actionable defamation. Judge Frederic Block dealt with motions to dismiss securities fraud claims against a drug company and its executives relating to an off-label promotion scheme. And Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall ordered an attorney representing the debtor “in connection with” a bankruptcy case to disgorge part of his fee for failure to file the requisite statements of compensation.

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