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Posted: January 19, 2021 / Categories Commercial, Res Judicata/Collateral Estoppel/Entire Controversy Doctrine

Party May Not Relitigate Issue of Law That it Has Litigated and Lost in an Earlier Lawsuit

On January 05, 2021, the First Department issued a decision in MLRN LLC v. U.S. Bank N.A., 2021 NY Slip Op. 00025, holding that a party may not relitigate an issue of law that it lost in an earlier lawsuit, explaining:

Defendant — who was also the defendant in Blackrock Balanced Capital Portfolio (FI) v U.S. Bank N.A. (165 AD3d 526 [1st Dept 2018]) — may not relitigate the issue that it raised therein and that was decided against it, namely, "Once performance of the demand requirement in the no-action clause is excused, performance of the entire provision is excused, including the requirement that demand be made by 25% of the certificate holders" (Blackrock, 165 AD3d at 528).

(Internal citations omitted).

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