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Posted: July 23, 2018 / Categories Commercial, Appeals, Court Rules/Procedures

New Joint Appellate Division Practice Rules Change Time to Perfect Appeal in First Department From Nine Months to Six

The new Appellate Division Practice Rules (22 NYCRR Part 1250), which come into effect on September 17, 2018, change, among other things, the time to perfect an appeal in the First Department from nine months to "six months of the date of the notice of appeal or order granting leave to appeal." (22 NYCRR 1250.9 Time, Number and Manner of Filing of Records, Appendices and Briefs; see also 22 NYCRR 1250.10 Dismissal of a Matter: "(a) Civil Matters. In the event that an appellant fails to perfect a civil matter within six months of the date of the notice of appeal, the order of transfer, or the order granting leave to appeal, as extended pursuant to section 1250.9(b) of this Part, the matter shall be deemed dismissed without further order.") (emphasis added).)