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Posted: June 27, 2018

SSA Swindling?

Even in more niche financial instruments, there are a number of cases asserting allegations of secondary market and bid spread manipulation. This is true of the supranational, sub-sovereign, and agency bond market, better known as the “SSA” market. Since late 2016, 13 actions have been consolidated in In re SSA Bonds Antitrust Litigation, No. 1:16-cv-03711-ER... Read more »

Posted: June 27, 2018

Unjust Enrichment Claim Fails For Lack of Relationship Between Plaintiff and Defendant

On June 20, 2018, the Second Department issued a decision in Crescimanni v. Trovato, 2018 NY Slip Op. 04529, holding that an unjust enrichment claim failed because there was no relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant, explaining: To recover for unjust enrichment, a plaintiff must show that (1) the defendant was enriched, (2) at... Read more »